We sell garlic bulbs (not really seeds) for growing your own garlic at home. You can grow much better garlic than you can buy at the food store! It is easy to grow and we hope that you will give it a try.

Over the past several years, we have sold garlic through and have found that most people want to buy selections including several varieties. Because we are in a Mediterranean climate with generally mild winters, most folks seeking garlic from us want varieties that can prosper with mild winters. Seed Garlic is sold in selections containing several varieties or as single varieties. Prices are by the pound. The Creole varieties are generally smaller and  harder to grow and are therefore a little more expensive. Selections containing several varieties also take more time to pack so they are more expensive.

“Warm Winter” is our most popular selection. The varieties from which your order may be filled include: Early Red Italian, Inchelium, Transylvanian, Rogue RiverRed, Red Toch, Applegate Giant, and Kettle River Giant.

“Creole” selection is chosen from the following varieties: Ajo Rojo, Rose du Lautrec, Native Creole, Creole Red, Cuban Purple, Spanish Benitee, Labera Purple, Germinador, Guatemalan, and Burgandy.

“All Harneck” selection is chosen from these varieties: Music Pink, Romanian Red, Bogatyr, Metechi, Chesnok Red, Japanese, Red Janice, Brown Tempest and, occasionally,  Bai Pi Suan. These are hardneck varieties that do well in our Southern Oregon “Mediterranean” climate with mild winters and warm, dry summers, although varieties do not do equally well every year.

“Gourmet” selections may be chosen from any of the varieties that you see in the other selections. We try to chose varieties that we think may do well in your climate.

When requested to do so we try to include particular varieties in your order– just let us know what you want! We also fill single variety orders.

Please see our “Store”section for the selections available this year.

Black Garlic is coming! We believe that we have figured out how to make good quality black garlic and will be making and selling it in limited quantities. Please see our “Black Garlic”section.